A New Way to Organize and Hide the Tangle of Cords and Cables in your Home or Office

Does it feel like digital and electronic devices are ever-expanding in your home and office, resulting in a big nuisance of tangled cords and cables? Cable Capture® provides a simple, elegant and inexpensive solution to the problem. Excess cord lengths are neatly contained and kept safely out of the way.

Tangled Mess Neatly Captured

Finally… a solution to the electric cord and cable tangle!

About Us

Cable Capture®

Cable Capture® is a modular cord management system that effectively and simply solves the messy, ugly problem of tangled cords and cables.

Cable Capture® has a flexible plastic hood, a column, and a base with a connector. The flexible hood covers the excess cord that is wound around the column. Individual units connect together to effectively control and hide multiple cords and cables. A single cord is easily found and removed from the stack. A Docking Unit offers the option of attaching a group of connected Cable Captures® to the underside of a desk, shelf or work surface, lifting them off the floor. The Stacker provides a base to neatly stack multiple units on the floor and a handle to lift the “stack” for ease of cleaning.

Cable Capture® Works Great Everywhere!

Cable Capture® is a product designed to clean up the clutter of wires, cords and cables that we all deal with. Whether one cord on a lamp, appliance, phone charger, etc, or the tangle of cords associated with computers, home entertainment centers, games, etc, the problem is all around us. As technology continues to invade our homes and offices, so does the problem.

Home & Office

Use with lamps, telephones, bathroom appliances, and more! Minimizes safety hazards.

Computer Work Stations

Clean up the unsightly mess under your desk or workstation. Quickly and easily find and replace a component cord.

Home Theatre Systems

Accommodates the excess length of component power cords and speaker wire. Easy to clean, just pick up the stack and dust or vacuum - no more dust bunnies.

Kitchen Appliances

Cords from kitchen appliances are annoying and take up too much valuable counter space.

Recharging Cords

Cellphone charging cords, MP3 players, ear bud cords get easily tangled in your purse or briefcase.

Mouse Cords

Free up more desk space by neatly capturing mouse and keyboard cords.

How it Works

Cable Capture®


Lift flexible hood and wrap excess cord or cable around center column, exiting out the slots in bottom plate.


Fold down the flexible hood to hide and capture cord.


To connect Cable Captures® together, simply insert and twist a quarter turn.


Easy to replace an individual cord! Simply detach Cable Capture® and unwrap cord. Reconnect Cable Captures®.


Docking unit allows Cable Captures® to be attached to any vertical or horizontal surface - underside of computer work surface, side or back of a CPU, TV stand, music stand, shelving, etc.


Cable Capture® Stacker™ includes a base for stacking Cable Captures® neatly on the floor and a handle to lift the stack for cleaning.

(Each Cable Capture® holds up to 10 ft. of standard cord!)

Cable Capture® Jr

Lift flexible hood and wrap excess cord or cable around center shaft. Close hood so that it covers the cord.

(Each Cable Capture® Jr holds up to 6 ft. of small diameter cord)

Cable Capture® Product Line

Five different Cable Capture® items are offered for sale, from individual units to complete kits. The packaging is both sturdy and colorful. A description of each item is listed below. Click on the item photo to open a window that contains more specific information about each item.

Cable Capture®

  • One (1) Cable Capture on a 5” X 7” Card
  • Item #10
  • UPC: 8 58157 00110 0

Cable Capture® 3-Pak

  • Three (3) Cable Captures on a 11 5/8” x 7” Card
  • Item #15
  • UPC: 8 58157 00115 5

Cable Capture® Multi-Pak

  • Four (4) Cable Captures, two (2) Cable Capture Jr.’s and One (1) Docking Unit; Package: 13” x 16” x 1 3/4” corrugated tray; display tray included; floor display available
  • Item #47
  • UPC: 8 58157 00147 6

Cable Capture® Stacker

  • Six (6) Cable Captures, Base and Handle; Package: 8 5/8” x 4” x 9 7/16” Folding carton with window
  • Item #65
  • UPC: 8 58157 00165 0

Cable Capture® Jr.

Cable Capture® Jr. is a smaller version of Cable Capture®. It is designed for small diameter cords, such as mouse, keyboard, cell phone recharging cords, telephone cable and more. It can hold up to 6 feet of small diameter cord. Cable Capture® Jr.’s do not connect together.

Cable Capture® Jr

  • One (1) Cable Capture Jr. on a 3” x 6” Card
  • Item #30
  • UPC: 8 58157 00130 8

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